the real question is

if you had to choose between world peace and living in the Star Trek universe what colour would your shirt be


Gabriel Macht & Patrick J. Adams filming Suits Season 4 in Toronto, 22/04/14. [x]

Mike trying to be act cool and bossy (still a giant puppy) 


If he is perfectly honest, Harvey doesn’t really mind that he cannot object to this question. Because he’d really like to know the answer himself.

I’ll be the first to say that Suits doesn’t fit my typical TV taste – no sci-fi, no fantasy, no epic quests – but I gave it a try last year and I love it. Legal intrigue and scintillating women are two big perks, but the heart of this show is really the relationship between Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Harvey has been protective (dare I say it, possessive?) of Mike since the get-go, but I think this moment takes the cake. When Mike shows up to the office with a black eye and busted lip, Harvey ignores the case talk and zeroes in on Mike’s bruises. “Who did this to you?” he demands instantly, and he won’t take “I’m fine” for an answer. “You’re not. And after I’m done kicking his ass, the guy who did it isn’t gonna be either.”

It’s possible that ass-kicking might be Harvey talk for some fancy legal action, but I clearly got the sense that Harvey was a name away from pummeling the guilty party into the concrete with his bare hands. And that’s coming from the brilliant, manipulative, emotionally detached lawyer who projects an image of a man far superior to physical brawling. He doesn’t get into street fights for fun, or even for work. But he will do it for Mike, to take revenge on whomever dared raise a hand against his associate. The murder in his voice says romance as only Harvey Specter could.

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